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Work with our designers to create a follow-up mail piece. Our team has helped 1000’s of companies design a direct mail piece that brings results.

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From installing codes on your website to printing and mailing visitors, we handle it! Our team of competent individuals will ensure you are in good hands.


We have plans as low as $1.19 per card. Speak with one of our sales representatives to see what the best plan for you would be.

Frequently Asked Questions

No we filter out bots, people out of your service area and addresses that cannot be validated. On average we can identify and mail 40% to 60% of the traffic on the average website.

Google analytics is a free service that is offered by Google that will tell you how many people went to your website. You are looking for the “Unique Visitors” number, not page views or impressions. If you are not familiar with Google Analytics, we can help you get signed up.

Comparing VMM to Bulk Direct Mail is like comparing Apples to Oranges.

1) Bulk mail is sent out in large numbers taking advantage of discounted bulk postage rates typical delivery of bulk mail is 7 to 14 days – VMM is smaller batch mailings to hot prospects and is mailed 1st class, so it gets to them in 2 to 3 days.

2) Bulk mailers are sent to a list of people you suspect would have an interest in your service – VMM mails to people who are interested in your service and shopping now.

VMM uses cutting edge technology developed by Google to identify addresses of people on a website. The technology is very reliable, and we run the addresses though additional proprietary process to ensure accuracy.

The answer is it will depend on your industry, competitive pressures, and the offer you promote. Your salesperson can help walk you through a ROI formula to see if VMM makes sense for your business.

No, your monthly cost covers identification of visitors, printing, mailing and postage costs.

Yes, you would only pay the set-up costs to get a new card created.

The short answer is you won’t unless you do it. If you look at the amount of people who are going to your website each month versus the amount of business you got from your website - compared to the cost of VMM, you’ll see that have little lose and a lot to gain. VMM really is a no brainer for most businesses.

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